Kitchen Stamp


Kitchen Stamp Kitchen Stamp Kitchen Stamp

Kitchen Stamp

Fraser & Parsley


The Kitchen Stamp is practical and beautiful, it works a treat with a roll of the F&P roll of 240 labels - it’s gorgeous for those who love to cook, bake and share.

The stamper makes labelling blissful. From storing batch cooking for the freezer to stickering up doorstep deliveries for friends who need some practical help like meals for a family and cakes of comfort.

  • the stamper has space for 10 CHARACTERS + KITCHEN next to the knife + fork illustration.
  • The text will read: NAME'S KITCHEN, eg. LUCIE'S KITCHEN.  Please note that the name can be up to 10 characters. Please enter the name only, not the 'S, thank you!
  • the stamper comes in a handy muslin bag
  • choose from black, navy or pink ink
  • made in England
  • lead time = 7 days
  • inked area is 40mm wide {the height depends on text used}
  • if you'd like to order additional labels please click here!